PYCO is independently built software designed for EVERYONE.

The line between tech companies and production companies is blurring. Media conglomerates are becoming more and more powerful. The consequences of this trend are unknown, particularly for individuals making a living in the entertainment industry.

PYCO is a software company dedicated to creating technology that protects the rights of entertainment professionals in an internet driven world. We encourage you to learn more about our business.

About Our Company

We are a privately held independent company located in Maine. We are self-funded by owner investments and community donations. We recently received a grant from the Maine Technology Institute. We develop and sell the paid PYCO production application. Profits from our app go towards developing new open source entertainment software tools. PYCO is on a mission to become the first entertainment software company that is B-Corporation Certified. We are also in the process of organizing the PYCO Foundation, our sister not-for-profit company whose mission is to promote and sponsor youth performing arts and media education in rural and disadvantaged communities across the United States.

We build software. That's it.

We don't dabble in content development, production, or distribution. We believe doing so would be crossing into a realm of vertical integration that has disadvantaged the industry in the past. But did you know that many of the competing entertainment software products on the market are funded, or owned, by venture capital firms and large companies who support things like packaging deals? We object to these activities because we feel that they fuel anti-trust practices in our industry, and take advantage of individuals for corporate profit.

Read more about our thoughts about the current climate on our blog.

Your Data in PYCO

When you use PYCO, any data you put into our system is yours, always and forever. Most importantly, we do not, and never will, sell data. When you use a software that is FREE, you are often trading the monetary value of your data for the use of the product. We are concerned about how competing entertainment software tools may collect and analyze an individual's salary data and intellectual property ownership data to support the company's larger agenda. We urge to you get to know your software, and we invite you to use PYCO.

If at any time you would like to request your data from our system, or if you have a question in general about our data practices, please email us at: datarequest@pycoapp.com.

Legal Information

Review PYCO's -  Privacy Policy

Review PYCO's - Software-as-a-Service Agreement

Have questions about this? Email - legal@pycoapp.com

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